Intraview 2: Mike McGonigal, The Clean

What are your personal future plans?

SB: Its a timely question! I’m moving to Canada next year. We’ll start in Montreal and see what happens. I’ve grown a bit weary of Sydney and living in another city has always been something I wanted to do. Same for Eloise. So in the medium term I have no idea what I’ll be doing, but I was thinking just this morning that I’ve been accumulating a fairly ambitious to-do list over the last few years. Ever since I landed in a high intensity work environment there’s been so much left by the wayside.

I want to make a comic. I’m not a big comic book reader, but I like works that I can consume more like surreal, abstract illustrations that just have a vague dimension to time that unfolds. I feel like drawing I have done in the past would lend itself well to the format and I suppose I’ve dabbled but the idea completing something more ambitious and publishing it really excites me.

I want to create a typeface. Its the same deal, I’m not a type obsessive, I don’t follow studios… but the process appeals to me almost as a meditative undertaking. In school I actually made two display alphabets, one was a really sharp all-caps geometric kind of sci-fi thing and the other was lowercase and more parametric-looking. I only put the first through Fontographer. I think If I did it now I would still make something more display, but I also have an image of myself retired in a quiet room for two years crafting a beautiful sans serif that feels open and natural, but also firm and immovable. I love Univers.

I want to have a gallery exhibition of my paintings. Its not so much about presenting the work to the public, and more about considering what I do as a personal, again almost meditative activity, in a more critical context. Also I need a deadline to focus.

I want to put together a collection of songs. I want to write regularly around the topic of art and design but in a personal way that feels right to me. I want to work in a business or on a product that thousands or millions of people use. I want to do some kind of organised learning. Maybe teach.

I do feel like a bit of a jackass as someone who isn’t an illustrator or type designer or an artist etc. just saying I want to do it all when there are people dedicating their whole lives and careers to it. Who am I to just decide I want to have a crack?

Question taken from Mike McGonigal interview with Hamish Kilgour, Robert Scott and David Kilgour in Yeti Magazine Issue six


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