Open outbox: Email to David Lancashire.

I wrote an email a long time ago to David Lancashire after writing this and coming across his work for the first time. I never got a reply and I don’t expect much more from putting it here… but they’re questions I’m still interested in. I fixed up some embarrassing grammar.

Subject: Cross Cultural Design
Sent: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 8:51 PM
From: Sean Batchelor <>
To: David <>

Dear David,
My name is Sean Batchelor, I’m graphic designer from Sydney.

I felt compelled to send an email to you after finding your website and spending time browsing and re-browsing its pages. What most inspired me was your cross cultural work. It’s a hugely significant field that I am becoming more interested in, as I see a lot of territory to explore. My workplace has started working closely with Bangarra Dance Theatre and it’s easily the most interesting and important job I’ve been a part of.

I’m interested in your opinion of what you see as the role of design in Australia’s indigenous future as an agent of change (positive/negative).

I’ve been thinking for a few months about language and Australia as a nation’s lack of interaction with native languages. We’re not like, say, New Zealand who take pride and ownership of the indigenous language. For instance, they refer to their country as both New Zealand and Aotearoa. Perhaps we feel it might anger the owners of the language or maybe it’s just too hard or not considered practical. But I actually think it would be more of a healing exchange. I think it’s more common use would be a great act of respect.

I’d really be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter, or if you know of anywhere I might be able to continue this conversation.

Sean Batchelor

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