‘Readon’ & General Assembly’s User Experience Design Course.

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I recently took part in General Assembly’s ‘User Experience Design’ Course. I found the whole experience extremely rewarding. The skills I learn’t have had a considerable effect on my approach to web design (and perhaps design in general).

The field of user experience design, or more specifically user-centered design is a very pure design practice. Despite there being some big ego’s in the UX community, I think creating a design that is ‘user-centered’ ultimately removes the designers ego from the equation more than any other field I’ve been involved in, which felt healthy and refreshing. A design methodology focused on listening, rather than telling.

The major component of the course was a major UX design project of your own choosing. I chose to explore an idea I had for a mobile app which takes articles from the web and allows the user to switch from reading them to listening to them. Essentially 2 modes. The problems I focused on solving were the interruption of the reading experience and losing your place in long articles when reading over a number of days/weeks.

You can download the slides from my presentation in the last class here. Naturally, I’m interested to hear your feedback!

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  1. Robyn Wakefield says:

    Cool idea Shaunnie, I like your lil drawing too, a designer who uses a pen and pencil to design a app…………or were you using a app that looks like a scibble? I like how you see how much you have read, find I like to prioritise the importance of the must read too did you factor that in……..when can I buy it? DO I get a mates rate because I know Adrian???

    • Sean says:

      Thanks Robbo! I hadn’t considered a ‘Must Read’ feature, but i like the idea… would definitely be worthy of exploration.

      I don’t think the itunes store does mates rates + i’m not sure Adrian really has that kind of pull.

  2. Adrian Kotik says:

    A ‘highlighter’ feature would lend itself to the touchscreen device as well.
    I’ve got heaps of pull.

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