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Intraview 3: Idea Magazine, Bruno Monguzzi

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What is important for you in graphic design?

SB: If I’m designing, the most important thing to me is process. Scrutinising the problem, sifting data, taking cues and flexing this and that until it reaches a threshold that can be critiqued or released. Talking and writing are like movable light sources that can cast different light and shadow on the work as you go and it is interesting to play with that. Bring someone in early or late, be open or closed, play something down or hype it up—these decisions all have different effects. Going beyond graphic design into product/venture design I’ve become used to producing not-finished things, working faster and balancing reason with intuition, insight and impulse.

If I’m the audience, the most important thing is vividness. I don’t mean colourful – though it could be. It can be a muddy xerox mess as much as a fluorescent hazard sign. Perhaps I’m drawn to things that have a visual momentum and you can see that in a delicately constructed swiss book or a club poster, where the message is felt powerfully even if it’s not easy to consume. That’s a vague answer, but I have vague taste.

Question taken from interview with Bruno Monguzzi in Idea magazine [IDEA No.351]