Typography for scanning.

When I read online, I use my cursor to highlight a line of text every now and then as I’m reading through longer form content. I don’t know what this is, but it feels like a form of tactility. I feel like I’m grabbing the words… securing myself somehow to the text. I find it hard to concentrate on reading, because there’s usually so much distraction on web pages.

Language for the internet

Parametric typography + responsive web design = bingo!

Value of an image

Images are actually pretty crap online. They take time to load, they scale poorly, getting different image formats to work together in a page is hard, you can’t search their content, content administrators have difficulty with them, they probably often communicate ZERO to visually impaired users. But then again, reading on screen sucks too. This communication revolution is actually pretty shitty.

Network design

Information Architecture is not like Architecture. Post-Modern Information Architecture… could that be a thing?

Maybe one day…

Building what you design

I’ve been reading ‘Models & Constructs’ by Norman Potter, and something that’s obvious is his intimate understanding of the real and practical construction of objects and spaces. Having the skills to build what you design increases the likelihood of it’s proper functionality and strengthens any theoretical explorations one might be toying with. To think of a website as an object is actually very helpful.

A modernist designer of websites

The internet itself is a modern context (is the internet a place? …yeah I guess that’s been established now.) but obviously that doesn’t mean that designing for a digital screen makes the practice inherently modern. In fact I wouldn’t know how you would classify web design today. The most applauded products still mostly seem like the bastard child of newspaper design, visual merchandising and scrapbooking. An honest modernist approach is needed to get us to the ‘new dawn’ of digital and interactive design.

A Modernist Programmer

Search Within the Problem

Simple Sites

I want to design simple sites. Web design seems to have developed in such a way that excess is anticipated. In a digital environment more polluted by noise and static than any other media stream we expect to be presented with an unreasonable amount of shit in and around whatever content we’re actually after. Web design didn’t progress slowly like early book design where there were real limitations and thoughtful consideration that helped define typographic and compositional standards… Web design launched straight into a hysteric free for all and we can’t slow down to consider what basic principles of the discipline might be. It’s not easy when clients are desperate for WOW factor.

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  1. luke says:

    A really weird feeling; highlighting bits of text only to then read a line describing the very process.

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